Thursday, July 12, 2012

This 'n That Thursday

  • Has anyone ever tried to root a cutting off a mother-in-law tongue plant?  How long does it take?
  • I detest white shoes.
  • Did you ever eat those light green clovers?  The kind of bitter tasting ones?  I see them everywhere and just want to sit down and have a taste.
  • I also want to make a blade of grass whistle.
  • I think my move home to Tennessee is making me nostalgic.
  • I am using waves of nostalgia as a procrastination tool.
  • Tonight is my last bridge group here.  I wonder if my new, unsuspecting Tennessee bridge friends who have yet to know me will be as tolerant of my table chatter.
  • I am not allowing myself to get in the car and go anywhere until I have filled all my boxes and I need to go to Home Depot for more.
  • I have a new paper shredder, and I love it.  Dora hates it.
  • When I was a little girl, my soles had black dots all over them from running barefoot all over the bubbly, hot tar roads in the summer.
  • I think we should run around barefoot more often.  More nostalgia?
  • That new Good Afternoon America show is painful to watch.  Maybe I should turn off the TV and pack.


I Am Woody said...

I love bare feet! The bottoms of my feet are always dirty :)

I have always wanted to be able to do the 2-finger whistle!

Jamie said...

If you aren't allowed to go anywhere in the car until you pack how will you be able to get boxes from Home Depot? I hate wearing shoes, in fact, I'm currently barefoot here at my desk and will remain that way in the office since the boss just left.

Hilary said...

I'm a fan of being barefoot.

You sound utterly happy and excited. :)

Debbie said...

I have tried recently to do the "acorn" whistle. I can do that. The grass is a tad harder.

You sound excited! Happy Mama!!

It's difficult to leave friends, but you've got traveling ones, so all will be well!!

Snooty Primadona said...

I've gone barefoot so much that my feet have actually gotten bigger. Ugh. However, I'd really like to have everyone that comes to my house take off their shoes when they come in...

I just crack up when I see someone in white shoes. They are SO not practical.

Do I need to come up there for a packing intervention? Let me know.

Sally said...

Sorry I'm late to this party, I've been procrastinatin'. Not really.

I don't like white shoes, never have, never will.

Barefoot is the only way to go!

You have travelling friends? Good, I'm so glad to hear that!!

I have a toothache.

The end.

judi/Gmj said...

Packing intervention!! oh yeah!!

someone needs to take your car keys away and unplug the tv, give you one bottle of wine and shove you in the room with the boxes. hugs.

White shoes are only for little girls first conformation. not even white flip-flops if you are older than 8.

Grandmother Mary said...

What I've done instead is get white sandals. Oh yeah, but even they're not so practical. I don't know if it's the same but I'm addicted to rucula (rugula, rocket)! It's sharp but in a good way. You need time to process nostalgia. Procrastination is okay!

(GBS) NewsFromTheHill said...

Ahhh packing!

I popped over here via a link from Daryl's blog. I moved to VA from Louisiana last September. It's been an awesome life changer and I hope your move is a happy one too!

As for packing, we're in a rental house while we're building. Most of our stuff is still in boxes.... I can't wait to finish the house and UNpack!!


LL Cool Joe said...

I'm not a fan of being barefoot! I'm getting old I need the support of a nice pair of shoes, but not white ones. ;)

abb said...

Call if you need help procrastinating. I'm good at
doing that.