Thursday, March 15, 2012

This 'n That Thursday

  •  I now use plain 'ol corn starch for body powder.  I love it.
  • Can someone explain "The Hunger Games" to me?
  • We have our bridge game here tonight.  I feel lucky.
  • Today will be my 8th radiation treatment.  It's okay.
  • I am tired of talking about the weather, and in other news, I had a dream that I was having a romance with a NYC weatherman.  It was quite nice.
  • Local tv commercials annoy me.
  • I have never been on Pinterest.
  • My knees are killing me.  Killing me.  
  • I am prone to hyperbole at times.
  • It would be more than awesome to be on a beach right about now.  And I don't mean The Long Island Sound.  I mean a beach with palm trees.
I feel all better now.  Have anything to purge?


Daryl said...

Was it Bill, Lee, Sam or the guy we call Woody cause he looks like the character from Toy Story ..

Hunger Games .. American Idol+Survivor=Hunger Games .. kids sent as 'tributes' to fight to the death on television .. its actually a fabulous series and an eye opener for anyone who is politically uninformed .. now that I've read it all, I am re-reading it slowly because I know how it ends and I dont have to read fast to find out ...

I Am Woody said...

I need to be on the treadmill but I prefer to sit right here on the deck surfing the web and listening to the birds:)

Sally said...

I abhor ALL commercials especially the local news channels who try to outbest each other, UGH!!

Have fun at Bridge,WIN! :)

Laura~peach~ said...

corn starch the amazing stuff
no clue on hunger games
bridge... again clueless must be a yankee thang
sick of news... yes
cool dream
local tv GAH
me neither, cant keep up with blogs and facebook
my knees are hurting me too, left inner hip as well and shoulders I think art is living in them bastard that he is.
must look up hyperbole
take me with you ... the beach sounds wonderful
glad the radiation is going well.
and seems like there should be something else... but cant think right now.

Laura~peach~ said...

ok looked it up... YES.

Keetha said...

I haven't read The Hunger Games, so I'm lost, too.

Good luck at tonight's bridge game. You know I admire anyone who plays. I've tried and it wasn't pretty.

Also: you sound terrific! I pray for you, you know. :-)

Hilary said...

8th... glad that it's okay. How many more?

Country Girl said...

Part of the reason I went off wheat is to help my knees feel better. Less weight will help, but I was hoping the inflammation would cease at some point, too.
So how's that for fun? Ha!

Kathleen... said...

I've never been on Pinterest either.

Never learned how to play bridge. Used to love Book Club nights though....

Your dream cracked me up! Glad it was a nice one. ;-)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

All I have to say is if you do head to those palm trees, please take me along. Please.

joanne said...

hunger games, pinterest, hyperbole, tv weathermen...I haven't a clue, but that really isn't surprising to me. I need a life. Glad you are 'well.'

abb said...

Well I came in second last night. First time I've won anything in MONTHS! It was good.

Debbie said...

Having weird dreams. Period.
My Mom played Bridge :)I don't.
Wish the weather would make up it's mind. Right now I'm freezing.
I'm glad you are still doing good!!
My back hurts.
My bangs are really acting up. The grey is taking over.
I've lost some weight and my skin is sagging. Double Gah.
Love you.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Ahhh Pinterest. I was reluctant, but since giving in I have found three new family favorite dinners, Kyleigh has two new cool hair dos and I've been inspired artistically several times- and at this point in my midlife crises, I consider it all a blessing. :) Hunger Games? Read now! Get the Kindle version if it means you will start quicker.
You are amazing MPM, number 8 done and dusted. Maybe an island holiday should be in the works as a reward. England is an island...

Sassy said...

It probably would feel good to let it ALL out.....purging I crap in boxes I have yet to go through since the move.....and I am so sorry about your knees......that is so painful.....and I have not read the books yet and am wanting to...before I see the movies...I am so is just breaking down and buying them.....someday....because it looks intense...