Thursday, October 27, 2011

This-n-That Thursday

  • We have snow in the forecast today.
  • Our fall foliage has not been as vibrant as usual.
  • Whatever happened to Helen Reddy?
  • Our county is ranked first in the nation for halloween candy quality.
  • When we lived at the beach, and my children were in elementary and middle school, we would get close to 1,000 trick-or-treaters.
  • Halloween was always my favorite holiday as a child. Even over Christmas.
  • Yes, 1,000.
  • Snow?
  • I got the cutest new rain/snow boots at DSW.
  • I wonder who was surveyed for that halloween candy study. Nobody asked me anything.
  • Why do the "Asian Singles" insist on e-viting me to join them every day?
  • I have become obsessed with ricotta cheese.
  • Snow?


I Am Woody said...

I will be trick-or-treating in your county. And thanks for the 'I Am Woman' earworm:)

Daryl said...

Helen will be appearing in Minneapolis at EdgeLife Expo Nov 14
Grammy-Award winning artist Helen Reddy joins us for a discussion on global transformation, self awareness, and the usefulness of hypnotherapy in healing from past to present. Reddy, who retired from her musical career, is now a clinical hypnotherapist in Sydney, Australia, following her calling as a spiritual teacher with the same message of strength she has shown throughout her singing career. Reddy will take us through the journey her own spiritual awakenings as well.

Keetha said...

Ricotta cheese? Tell me more.

What's your favorite Halloween candy? My favorites - Reese's peanut butter cups, Snickers, and M&M's - are the highest in calories.

Helen Reddy's version of Delta Dawn is my favorite. I don't know where she is. Or Linda Rondstadt.

Enjoy the snow. :-)

Grandmother Mary said...

Try ricotta cheese drizzled with honey. Ohhhhhh!

Sally said...

I've never tried that kind of cheese. Does that make me wierd? Oh, and yeah why do I keep getting e-vites for wrinkle remover? :)

abb said...

The name ~Lauren~ has such an Asian ring, no?

Hilary said...

Helen Reddy? Wikipedia tells all. Maybe not about the singles requests though.

Enough with the S word. ;)

Donna said...

Hope the snow doesn't show up, LOL! I can't imagine 1000 trick & treaters! I would NOT be answering the door!

Anonymous said...

We don't get any trick or treaters so we don't buy any candy. Last night I realized what a horrible mistake this was!
Cute snow/rain boots and you didn't put up a picture???
I can't even believe having 1000 trick or treaters. Halloween used to be my favorite "holiday" now not so much.

joanne said...

if my doorbell rang 1,000 times in one evening my doge would lose her mind. snow? boots, must see. did someone say candy?

Laura~peach~ said...

1000!!!!!! WOW WE NEVER GET ANY...
ricotta is good feta is betta...
snow.... yuk
bottoms up!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I'm all of a sudden being hit up by the Asian singles too.


Snow? A thousand? Ricotta cheese?

Debbie said...

Since David is a MAN now, I skip Halloween. It never was a favorite for reasons I'll not put here.

Ricotta? I've never had the pleasure and SNOW? Gah.

But I am THRILLED Mama has new boots!

Snooty Primadona said...

Snow? Really? Oddly, our low temperature last night went below freezing which is unheard of in these parts, in October. Or November.

Halloween used to just wear me out when the kids were young, so I hated it. Now, I go all out, LOL!

Love, love ricotta! Lasagna. Tirimisu.