Monday, July 8, 2013

Blog Post #1494

Did ya miss me?
I just returned from a little trip to the beach.

  • It was heavenly. Although we had torrential rain most of the time, we managed to entertain ourselves.
  • I began a 5 day juice cleanse yesterday.
  • It has been almost a year since I moved home to Tennessee.
  • The entire year has been restorative, healing and enlightening.
  • I am so glad I am here.
  • Dora went to Connecticut for the summer. I am going to Connecticut, too. In 11 sleeps.
  • I am looking forward to seeing as many people as I can, celebrate some birthdays including my babies' who will be 22. 
  • I am wondering if this blog has run its course.
  • My babies are almost 22?
  • I have discovered a new fountain of youth in skincare.  I am thinking about marketing it as well.
  • Life is awesome.
  • I am off to my 6 month oncology appointment this morning.  It's all good.
  • Then to work.  Business is booming.
  • Y'all come visit.
  • Wait. My babies are 22?


Pix Under the Oaks said...

I missed you but I am so happy it's all good for you.. :) I am thinking my blog has run its course too but I would miss the people.

KCSherri said...

Hope your oncology visit goes well - and yes, babies grow up...but that means it can lead to grandbabies at some point!

And no - I don't think your blog has run it's course! We need to see more of your writing. :)

Gayle said...

What? No, wait, I check your blog every single day. I am sure that it cannot possibly have run its course. I love your rumblings. You always give food for thought.
I love hearing about your neck of the woods, your babies, Dora, cleanses, health tips, reminders, wisdom and best of all, your sense of humor.
San Diego

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Good luck at the doctor. This blog hasn't run its course, but speaking of, we need to figure out our next race. Need something to look forward to now that post-vacation depression has settled in.

Have fun in Connecticut, and happy birthday to the babies.

abb said...


Country Girl said...

Don't let the blog go. I love reading your updates, and I can't believe that your babies will be 22 either!
I love hearing the happiness emanating from you.

I Am Woody said...

And Tennessee is SOOO glad you are here!!

I Am Woody said...

And please don't let the blog go!!

Ellen said...

Keep on blogging. I need to also, though my life has been way less exciting than yours.

Hope you have a wonderful visit with your babies.

Daryl said...

cant wait to see you ...

Grandmother Mary said...

A lot of years for your babies and a lot of posts for your blog. Have fun in CT. I'm on my way to FL for a month!

LL Cool Joe said...

22! Wow, does that make you feel old? My daughters will be 19 and 15 soon, and that makes me feel ancient! So I wanna know this tip that make us all look like teenagers again. :D

Hilary said...

Course, smourse. Stick with it... long into the time it become Mental Pause Grandma...

Sounds like life is treating you well.

kellypea said...

Well I've checked in over the years even though I don't take the time to comment. Lots of blogs go through changes, lie fallow just like the fields. It helps generate new growth, right? ;)