Thursday, March 7, 2013

This n That Thursday

  • I have not seen or heard the Harlem Shake.  And I could care less.
  • Why does spinach make your teeth all fuzzy?
  • Did you know that it is good luck to carry a green purse?
  • I am obsessed with vegetable juicing.
  • So not interested in that new Oz movie at all.
  • Have you guys ever heard of oil pulling?  It is really fascinating.
  • I am so sad about Valerie Harper's brain cancer.  I always thought she was so cool.
  • Should we believe all those new warnings about gel manicures?  Because I love them.
  • I really like Chanel Bleu, a men's cologne.  For myself.  Do I dare?
  • When Dora and I were out on a walk yesterday, we passed by a garage that had paintings hung all around on the walls.  In an arranged way.  That was some man cave.
  • Speaking of Dora, she has a new fancy Martha Stewart collar.  And some spring colored poopy pick-up bags.  She feels really posh.
  • I went to a bourbon tasting last night.  I have a headache this morning.
  • I think I will use the word "posh" a lot today.


Pix at Under the Oaks said...

You might not want to hear this but I think spinach makes your teeth feel all fuzzy because of those parasites they have reported about finding on lettuce and leafy greens. Ewwwww. Discovered this on a tweet from a friend. I KNOW!!! I love salads-Sad. Bourbon can do that to you!

Daryl said...

hadnt heard any warnings about gel manis .. and i think the oz movie looks great ...

Tracey9AD said...

I was bummed about Valerie Harper too. We were to see her tomorrow night in Looped and now, of course, will not.

Lay off the bourbon, my friend. ;)

Not interested in Oz either.

abb said...

I've read about oil pulling but the amount of time you have to swish oil in your mouth really put me off.
WONDERFUL talking with you last night! xo

I Am Woody said...

Yes, you dare.

Yes, more bourbon!

LL Cool Joe said...

That garage sounds very cool. :D I'm not sure I've ever had Bourbon!

Hilary said...

I'd wondered that too about spinach and looked it up at the time. Of course I'd forgotten what it was, exactly so I just looked it up again. It's the oxalic acid contained in spinach. It doesn't dissolve in water so the residue remains. You're welcome. ;)

Very sad about Valerie Harper. She's a lovely lady.

The reason for the Bourbon headache.. you didn't have enough. ;)

Country Girl said...

First, I love when you write these.

As for gel manicures, they say that if you use sunscreen, it helps.
Not interested in Oz, either.
And the Valerie Harper news is truly sad.
I would wear the Bleu. I would.
Off to look at green purses ~

Sally said...

Pass the bourbon please; it's been a heck of a couple of days. Thank you in advance.

I love spinach so I'm not paying attention to the comments. :)


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I sincerely hope you used posh and prunes in the same sentence. If not, please make it your goal for tomorrow.

Wait. Harlem Shake?

joanne said...

I need to come to's so much more posh than little Sumner. We can claim Sandra Lee as one of our own though, are you impressed.

Patty said...

Hope this finds you doing well. March 7th. is our fourth child's birthday, she turned 51, she was the baby for 11 years, the others being 15, 16, and 17, and along came a surprise package, who will be 40 on Jun 27th. Our youngest Granddaughter had a birthday on Mar. 5th. a Grandson on Mar. 8th. and our oldest Granddaughter's will be Mar. 17th. Also have a great nephew born on Mar. 7th and a sister-in-law was Mar. 4th. Busy month, apparently a lot of people got bored during the month of December. LOL Have a great week.

Grandmother Mary said...

What's that oil pulling? Man's cologne- go for it!

Unknown said...

Check out my awesome travel blog sometime soon :)

Meg McCormick said...

The Harlem what now??

(I haven't heard about the gel manicures, but it figures they'd be bad for you because they work so well and look fabulous.)