Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Morning Musings

Apologies in advance for the rambling...
  • Seeing a gentleman in a seersucker suit on an August morning makes me smile.
  • One of the main reasons I decided to come back to Tennessee was because of the lower cost of living and the improved lifestyle.  It is working.  But I do miss my friends.
  • I did, however, accept a dinner invitation for last night.  It was lovely.
  • Part of today is going to be dedicated to getting my car registered.  gah
  • I am also at work amassing my new medical team.  This is actually interesting.
  • Oh, and a new hair person.
  • It was 57 degrees here yesterday morning.  In Tennessee.  In August.  
  • I live across the street from Whole Foods.  It is both a blessing and a curse.  Their homemade pimento cheese is my latest obsession.
  • I am also obsessed with Shark Week.
  • And Wheat Belly.
  • And I am feeling so grateful for all my blessings.
  • You?


Grandmother Mary said...

me? Blessings galore and gratitude pressed down and flowing over!

I Am Woody said...

I've got your orthopedist figured out - Vanderbilt Bone & Joint. We all make the drive to Franklin when we fall down:)

Daryl said...

Life is good, no complaints other than the summer is winding down, its getting dark earlier and I am soon done with Fridaycations ... SIGH

Sally said...

You didn't ramble. I'm glad you had a dinner date. I love pimento cheese too.

Here? Everything good so far as I know, and I like to think I know everything. :)

judi/Gmj said...

life is a box of chocolates.

bighairenvy said...

I'm a big fan of homecomings. And pimento cheese:) ((hugs))

Debbie said...

So happy you are happy!

Not much different around here. Trying to find a yard guy that will actually DIG. I thought unemployment was high?

Still trying to recoup from my "shooting gun" jaunt. Gah.

Karen Deborah said...

WOW email me what town your in. Are you going to have snow? It's starting to be cooler here in the morning. I would love to live across the street from a Whole Foods. I have lost 14 pounds. 5 more and I'll be in a new category, overweight. Never thought overweight would look good.

joanne said...

going to have to check out wheat belly. Oh, and those blessings...counted! Have a great day Mama.

Country Girl said...

So do tell about the dinner date. It's interesting setting everything up, isn't it? We miss you too. This morning was lovely and cool. Low humidity all day which was a blessing. As for life in general, it's just fine.

LL Cool Joe said...

I admire you moving and having to start all over again, so I'm glad it's going well. :)