Thursday, December 1, 2011

This-n-That Thursday

Utter nonsense:
  • How did it get to be December?
  • I have a terrible crush on the Saints' quarterback Drew Brees.
  • Everybody should go see "The Descendants"
  • We had the best rosé cava on Thanksgiving. I want a case of it.
  • I'm not feeling very Christmassy yet.
  • Cumin is my current favorite spice.
  • I'm in the mood to talk to a psychic.
  • I need some creative ideas for tea sandwiches.
  • December? Really?


abb said...

I'm your gal for tea sandwiches! Have a slew of recipes - and have made a slew of 'em! What's it for and when is it? If I'm able, I'll be happy to help!

KCSherri said...

Yup - the year snuck up on us, that's for sure. Can't believe it's only 24 days 'til Christmas - and 31 days until 2012! Yikes!

LL Cool Joe said...

How did we get to December? Ugh.

Sally said...

It's December? Goodness!

Have a happy day, Mama!

Daryl said...

How can you like Drew after the way he creamed Eli?????

Shall I call Bon Appetite?

I am glad 2011 is winding down and I do not want to ever repeat it .. except maybe that dinner at Robert

Grandmother Mary said...

The last month of the year- already!

Debbie said...

Never having been to a tea...I thought cucumbers were the staple.

Trying to keep days straight...can't be bothered with months :)

Would love to talk to a psychic!! Or may that's psychiatrist?

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Unfortunately I can't help you with the tea sandwiches. I can make iced tea but not tea sandwiches.

My current crush is Javier Bardem. He's mine. All mine. Forever.

Well, if it's December, that means at the end of this month we will be eating and frolicking in New York City!! Can't wait!

Ellen said...

Yeah, I'm wondering what the hell happened to 2011 - wasn't it just January about a week ago? I'm not ready for another birthday in another month. You?

Reena said...

Tried to go see the Descendants this past weekend but didn't work out to be ..hopefully soon though!

Unknown said...

December comes after November, which means SNOW.

I wonder if I can somehow work that into a cupcake??

Kathleen... said...

I forever remain a MM fan, but psychics creep me out! I just think of my Grandma's 'Enquirer' and Lorenzo Lamas' mother giving sign advice in the back.

December....UGH, indeed. I was here yesterday, it seems...

I love December though. It's a month full of beautiful scents, sounds and joyous lights....and a Birthday that reminds me the rest of the year will be tolerable. ;) And I do love baking those Christmas cookies for my Ducks.

Donalyn said...

Ugh - don't remind about December! [though I guess someone should...]

Snooty Primadona said...

I once called a psychic hotline when I was tipsy & talked $1200.00 worth. I advise against it, LOL!

I always go for pimento cheese finger sammies... or cucumber. I'm old fashioned that way.


Camellia said...

I know of a psychic. Or someone who hears angels. I have a friend who takes her seriously. I used to have precogntive stuff but it scared me. sometimes life is easier if you don't suspect. tea sandwiches? Like cucumber? Or artichoke spread? Or just plain pimento and cheese? did you get recipes? Cumin's good, but cilantro. Oh my goodness.