Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Text: Parentexting™

A homecoming followed by some leave-taking:
I dare you to watch this and not feel my joy.
Well, okay, maybe you don't exactly feel my joy.
But still....
Tell me all those kids lined up on those decks don't bring a tear to your eyes.
Okay, but it did mine.
And The Bird was on the second deck, near the front, holding a sign she made.
Live action-texting:
And the very next day?
She was back at school.
And then we have the boy:
His decorating style is a bit different from his sister's.
I think I should go down there to help him.

I do a lot of sighing these days. Please tell me this gets better. Please?


I Am Woody said...

I could use more color and accents as well. Apparently my decorating style is more like The Boy's :)

LL Cool Joe said...

I can feel your excitement! But then straight back to school again! I'll sigh with you!

Daryl said...

Well its better than holding your breath and turning blue ... I think Augie's room looks perfect .. in a week or so I bet you cant see the floor for the dropped clothes

Trisha said...

The ship coming to dock was exciting and Bird's sign - delightful!

Grandmother Mary said...

Oh, I remember the days of sighing and frank crying. Wailing at times and unable to stop crying king of crying! It does get better but I think I knew it was the big leave- taking when my daughter went to college. It was as it turned out so I was entitled to all the sighs and tears. We're close now, emotionally not geographically, so it accomplished something important.

abb said...

Nah...nuthin' ever gets better. Perhaps you can tell I'm in a particularly bad mood.

Sally said...

I'm sorry you didn't get to spend more time with the bird, so I'm sighing here for you too.

BUT, it will get better, and at least she's back on American soil.

I can't watch videos, but can feel in my heart the excitement.

Take care, and remember you're so blessed to have children who wanted to go to college.

Big HUGS!!

Debbie said...

Used full screen and saw the sign!!

Augie's room looks normal LOL I see that all the time.

I hear ya Mama....♥

Debbie said...

But will Augie's clothes MAKE it to the closet?


Reena said...

You'll never stop worrying but it gets better! Glad she's home and the video was a hoot!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I don't know anything about it yet but I do hope it gets better for you.

Keetha said...

She had to go to school the very, very next day? Ouch! I know you're happy they're both safe and in beautifully appointed rooms. ;-)

Country Girl said...

Someday your ship will come in. And we'll all be there cheering for you.

There may even be signs.

Joanie said...

I loved the little video...and always love the texting posts. Homework already? Poor Bird~!

Hilary said...

Of course it gets better.. its a roller coaster.. not a ship. ;)

That's so cool.. texting while the ship was docking.

Tammy said...

I sighed after watching the video! Such exciting times for ones children definitely can bring on sighing for the parents!

Snooty Primadona said...

I swear, it does get better. Well, maybe...