Monday, December 20, 2010


Today'a inane post is a direct result of boring Aquarius horoscopes all over the Internets:

You Are Sophisticated and Well Mannered

You're the type of person who can sit all day entertaining guests with witty banter.

You believe in presenting yourself in the best light possible. You like to be seen as classy.

You give a first impression of being upper class and even a bit snooty. And you're the first to admit you're a little guilty of that.

You are an armchair critic. You can detect quality easily, and you want the best things you can find.

All I thought was that it looked like the most comfortable seat for this tired old spine of mine...what does your chair say about you?


Laura~peach~ said...

lololololol i apologise in advance!

LL Cool Joe said...

Ok well I'm

"You Are Freaky and Funny

You're the type of person who can sit all day without feeling bored or boring others.
You find the world entertaining. There's always something going on that you can riff on.

You give a first impression of being eccentric. Luckily, most people find your weird ways to be highly entertaining.

You are an armchair philosopher. You are constantly developing your unique, quirky take on life. "

Actually...I think this may be true...

Btw You did pick the posh looking chair so what do expect!

Daryl said...

I wanted a chair that was comfy for curling up and reading .. and so I picked the ugly green one ...

You Are Calm and Comforting
You're the type of person who can sit all day in order to keep someone in need company.

You are kind and giving. Helping other people is your one, true purpose in life.

You give a first impression of blending in. And it's somewhat true - you need to be drawn out.
You are an armchair spiritual leader. You can bring peace to those who can't usually be comforted.

This is SO NOT me ...

Egghead said...

I chose the first chair just because none of them look comfy. It actually pretty much fits me.

You Are Curious and Questioning
You're the type of person who can sit all day and listen to someone's life story.
You take a genuine interest in other people. You are a bit of a voyeur. The lives of others fascinate you.

You give a first impression of being passive and simple. In truth, you are very active and analytical.
You are an armchair psychologist. You find human interaction to be incredibly fascinating.

Unknown said...

You are sophisticated for sure : )
Have fun with your kids over Christmas!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I'm freaky and funny too.

I prefer quirky to freaky but if the eccentricity fits, wear it proudly. And I do.

My mother said she took the test and hers suited her to a T, but she didn't say which one she chose. I'm guessing this freak didn't fall to far from the quirky tree...

Debbie said...

Not sure why I bother taking these tests. They always come out the same as yours :)

This does not describe me LOL

I hope you're enjoying the babies!! xoxoxox

Karen Deborah said...

I don't think you can tell a thing about a person by what kind of chair they want to sit in. Your right it looks comfortable and after a day at work that's what all menopausal women want. I prefer the bed actually.